This page and the table below provide a sort-able repository of key information related to Orion Biotechnology Poland and the work we do.   In some cases the information is stored on our servers.  In other cases it may involve pointers to third party sites.  The information is normally in PDF format that can be viewed on-line or downloaded to a computer so it may be perused off-line.


tenders / grantsResearch Services 1Clinical research services for the development and execution of a Phase 1 safety and acceptability studyPre-ClinicalAdam Koprowski19/6/2018
Clinical Trials ExpertOrion Biotechnology Polska is a growing company and due to increasing numbers of ongoing research projects in the field of drug development in the area of virusology (HIV), oncology and CNS diseases, the Company is expanding the team of our specialists. At the moment, Orion Biotechnology Polska Sp. z o. o. is seeking a candidate to join our R & D team in Kraków POLAND. TrialsAdam Koprowski21/7/2018
tenders / grantsGLP Bioanalytics ValidationThe development and GLP validation of clinical pharmacokinetic bioanalyticsPre-ClinicalAdam Koprowski19/9/2018
tenders / grantsGLP Pre-clinical Animal ToxologyGLP bioanalytics for serum samples derived from preclinical animal toxicology studiesPre-ClinicalAdam Koprowski4/9/2018
tenders / grantsDevelop Microbicide GelDevelopment and GMP production of microbicide gel formulation DiscoveryAdam Koprowski24/4/2018

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